Dunkin Completes Transition from Foam to Paper Cups

According to a May 11, 2020 news release, Dunkin (Donuts) “… announced that 100% of its restaurants globally have transitioned from polystyrene foam cups to paper cups … https://news.dunkindonuts.com/news/farewell-to-foam-dunkin-completes-global-transition-to-paper-cups ... the cups maintain heat retention properties comparable to the prior foam cups … without need for a sleeve … While a limited number of Dunkin’ restaurants may still have foam cups in their inventory, the company’s distribution centers are no longer offering foam cups … The company is also on track to be fully transitioned to recyclable hot coffee cup lids in its U.S. restaurants by the end of summer 2020 … By the end of 2020, all Dunkin’ Keurig K-Cup® pods sold in-store and on shelves at grocery will also be recyclable … customers can recycle the K-Cup® pods by peeling and disposing of the lid, composting or disposing of the grounds, then recycling the remaining empty cup …” #Dunkin #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticWaste #FoodPackaging #Recycling