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brown UPS Truck

Innovative Loop™ system of reusable packaging coming soon

Reusable, returnable glass bottles were commonplace in decades past. But those bottles were replaced with plastic and paperboard. Could reusable, returnable packaging be making a comeback?

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Sustainable Shoppers Webinar

Register for a free webinar about consumer interest in sustainability offered by Nielsen.

plastic cups trash recycling

Disposable Cup Fee in Berkeley

Berkeley, California has a new plan to curb food-related waste: a 25 cents fee per disposable cup.

empty glass wine bottles recycling

Falling Prices for Recyclables

Amherst is the first town in Western New York to change its recycling regulations due to a worldwide glut of recyclable materials.

black plastic packaging tomatoes

Retailers to Pay for Recycling

A new United Kingdom Plastic Waste Strategy will result in retailers having to pay full recycling costs.

food delivery

Critical Trends in Conflict

Consumer push-back on single-use packaging and increased demand for delivery services are critical trends in food packaging.

British currency pence pounds

Plastic Waste Reduction in the UK

Multiple regulatory changes in the United Kingdom have the potential to greatly reduce their plastic waste.

colorful plastic cups and one glass jar

International Statistic of the Year for 2018

The “International Statistic of the Year for 2018” is the fact that 90.5% of plastic waste has never been recycled.

beach ocean plastic waste

Crisis of Ocean Plastic

Public, consumer, and government actions against plastic pollution are being tracked by National Geographic.