Microplastics – Human Exposure

According to a March 2, 2020 article in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science and Technology by researchers with East China Normal University, Shanghai, China and others https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.est.9b04535 “... [The authors] reviewed 46 publications concerning abundances, potential sources, and analytical methods of microplastics in table salt, drinking water, and air … [They] also summarized probable translocation and accumulation pathways of microplastics within human body … The intake of microplastics via inhalation, especially via indoor air, was much higher than those via other exposure routes. Moreover, microplastics in the air impose threats to both respiratory and digestive systems through breathing and ingestion. Given the lifetime inevitable exposure to microplastics, we urgently call for a better understanding of the potential hazards of microplastics to human health …” #Microplastics #PlasticWaste #FoodPackaging #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticPackaging