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The Initiative is seeking volunteers to serve the roles as described below. Contact us to express interest in these positions, or to volunteer in other ways. Meet members of the Initiative are listed on the Directors and Advisors page.

  • Finance Director – Seek crowdfunding and initiative income from other sources. Manage income, expenses, and taxes.
  • Advisors – The role of Initiative Advisors is to:
    • Keep the Executive Director informed of food packaging innovative advancements; technical, regulatory and policy developments; and sources of initiative funding that come to their attention.
    • Review and offer comments on Initiative communications, including wording at
    • Assist the Executive Director in the Initiative’s effort to encourage the establishment of a public-private partnership to research animal digestible food packaging.
  • Social Media Coordinator - Assist the Communications Director in publicizing the Initiative as well as general news and information relevant to animal digestible food packaging.