Animal Digestible Food Packaging Matters

Plastic is the perfect packaging material for many food products. There are no known human health hazards that result from the natural environmental degradation of food packaging plastic waste into micro and incidental nano size particles; though, researchers have found microplastics in the air we breathe, the water we drink and food we eat and are conducting research to learn if biological effects may result from that exposure - Adverse biological effects of plastic waste and its naturally occurring degradation products have been shown for some aquatic organisms.

Food industry’s sustainability efforts are focused on replacing single use plastic products made from petroleum, where economical and possible, with plant based plastics; and on recovery of single use plastic for recycling or as a raw material for breakdown into chemicals.

Due to coronavirus impacts, the food processing industry has been forced to focus on meeting supply constraints and consumers have increased their use of disposable plastic through restaurant and grocery food take out.

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To meet this need the Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative aims to convince, inspire, persuade and encourage the food industry to establish a public private partnership that would fund research for the discovery of new food packaging materials that would be digestible by animals. Contact us to get involved today!

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