Plastic Waste – $500 Million “Investment Opportunity” Announced

On May 12, 2022, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (“Alliance”) and Lombard Odier Investment Managers announced “… their intention to launch a new circular plastic fund. The fund will aim to raise US$500 million from institutional and other accredited investors for scalable solutions to remove plastic waste from the environment, increase recycling, and drive the global transition towards a circular economy ... The Alliance will serve as a cornerstone investor … the transition to a circular value chain for plastic packaging represents a potential US$1 trillion global economic opportunity by 2030. The fund will aim to target key themes which can directly contribute to a circular economy for plastic and accelerate opportunities in overall waste management —including collection and sorting infrastructure, technology-enabled recycling infrastructure, design solutions for improved plastic durability, reuse and recyclability …” @EndPlasticWaste @lombardodier #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling