Plastic Waste – California Legal Efforts Summarized

A May 11, 2022 DLA Piper Product Liability Alert summarizes the April 28, 2022, California Attorney General’s ExxonMobil subpoena seeking information regarding the efficacy of recycling – “… This move is the latest in a series of regulatory, legislative, and litigation developments focusing on the plastics supply chain, which could impact participants from plastic manufacturers to plastic packaging users and product companies … California’s investigation, while focused on alleged trade practice and consumer protection concerns, also suggests greater environmental and legal scrutiny … The intensified regulatory focus on plastics has been gaining traction in recent years.  Several states have enacted bans or significant restrictions on single-use plastics … Private litigation is also on the rise ... There is also a risk of both government and private party litigation if and when additional findings shed further light on plastics’ environmental impacts nationwide …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @DLA_Piper