Extended Producer Responsibility – Oregon Legislation Update

A January 28, 2021 Beveridge and Diamond analysis  notes that “… The Oregon legislature is considering House Bill 2065 … [which] seeks to overhaul Oregon’s recycling system and shift some of the recycling responsibility onto producers and manufacturers … Covered products include packaging … and food serviceware that is generally intended for single-use. … the Bill prohibits the use of misleading recycling labels on products sold in Oregon … certain producers would be required to join, pay fees and provide information to a producer responsibility organization … Manufacturers and producers should keep track of whether their products are covered under the proposed legislation to ensure compliance if the Bill passes …” - The web link to the analysis is included in the post on the home page of Plastic Food Packaging Waste News at https://pfpw.news/2021/02/02/extended-producer-responsibility-oregon-legislation-update/ #Recycling #PlasticWaste #FoodPackaging #ExtendedProducerResponsibility #BDLaw