Nano and Micro Plastics (NMPs) – Infant and Children Health Effects Unknown – Research Needs Summarized

The abstract of a January 26, 2022, NIH NIEHS supported Environmental Health Perspectives commentary by researchers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and South Africa reports that “… Pregnancy, infancy, and childhood are sensitive windows for environmental exposures. Yet the health effects of exposure to nano- and microplastics (NMPs) remain largely uninvestigated or unknown … This commentary aims to summarize the knowns and unknowns around child- and pregnancy-relevant exposures to NMPs via inhalation, placental transfer, ingestion and breastmilk, and dermal absorption … We discuss opportunities and challenges for quantifying child-specific exposures (e.g., NMPs in breastmilk or infant formula) and health effects, in light of global inequalities in baby bottle use, consumption of packaged foods, air pollution, hazardous plastic disposal, and regulatory safeguards. We also summarize research needs for linking child health and NMP exposures and address the unknowns in the context of public health action …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @NTNUnorway