Plastic Waste – The US Should Create National Strategy by End of 2022

A December 1, 2021 National Academies news release summary of a report released that day advises that “... The United States should create a national strategy by the end of 2022 to reduce its contribution to plastic waste in the ocean ... Plastic waste has devastating impacts on the ocean’s health, marine wildlife, and communities. Without changing current practices … plastics will continue to accumulate in the ocean … today’s recycling processes and infrastructure are grossly insufficient to manage the complexity and quantity of plastic waste produced … The report lays out six intervention stages: Reducing plastic production … Innovating design and materials to develop substitutes … Decreasing waste generation by reducing the use of disposable plastic products intended for short periods of use … Improving waste management … Capturing waste in the environment … [and] Minimizing at-sea disposal …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @theNASEM