The purpose of PFPW.NEWS is to assist its readers in their individual effort to stay informed with publicly available information concerning the after-use environmental life of plastic food packaging waste, including legislation and regulation, alternative materials, recycling, composting, incineration, and degradation of PFPW into micro and incidental nanoparticles.

Through, information is presented about why research is necessary for the discovery of new food packaging materials that would be digestible by animals; hopefully, organizations representing food industry plastic waste research interests will recognize the need for the establishment of a public private partnership, as promoted by ADFPI, and funding approaches will be developed and implemented.

The service involves Monitoring and Reporting of plastic food packaging waste (PFPW) scientific, regulatory, and public affairs issues, including:

~ Monitoring for current developments, including company commitments; research reports; non-government organization activities; state, federal and local legislation and regulations; alternative materials; recycling; composting; incineration; and degradation of PFPW into micro and incidental nano size microplastics; and

~ Reporting of monitoring results through the newly established news service: Plastic Food Packaging Waste News {PFPWN or which has been established as a Maryland Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Jack Cooper as Executive Director and Matt Tarka, the volunteer ADFPI web master and social media director, as LLC partners.

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