Microplastics Detected in Marine Mammal Blubber and other Tissues

According to the abstract of an October 15, 2023 Environmental Pollution article https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S026974912301254X by researchers with Duke University in the US and University of Toronto in Canada “… we demonstrate the occurrence of microplastics … in four tissues (acoustic fat pad, blubber, lung, & melon) from twelve marine mammal species inclusive of mysticetes, odontocetes, and phocids ... Internalized microplastics translocate to marine mammal organs, notably blubber … The most common polymer & shape observed were polyethylene & fibers, respectively … These findings suggest some proportion of ingested microplastics translocate throughout marine mammal bodies posing an exposure risk to both marine mammals and people. For people, exposure could be directly through consumption for those who rely on marine mammals as food and indirectly to peoples globally who consume the same prey resources as marine mammals …” #MicroPlastics #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging #MarineMammals @DukeU @UofT