Beverage Container Deposit Systems do not Cause a Decline in Beverage Sales

According to a July 19, 2023 joint Container Recycling Institute (CRI) and Reloop news release “… A study released today … finds no definitive evidence that new or expanded beverage container deposit return systems (DRS, aka bottle bills) alone  impact beverage sales – suggesting beverage industry concerns that deposit systems lead to sales declines are unfounded ... Key findings include: None of the case studies provides definitive evidence suggesting that the introduction or expansion of a DRS caused a decline in beverage sales … Many complex and multifaceted factors contribute to changes in beverage sales, meaning any sales increases or decreases cannot only be attributed to deposit return systems … Some previous studies may be unreliable, especially those that used speculative approaches instead of actual historical data …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling #BottleBills @CRI_Recycle @reloop_platform