Reusable Plastic Food Packaging – Coca-Cola “is accelerating its test-learn-scale approach … in North America”

According to a July 13, 2023 Coca‑Cola news release,to%20consumers%20in%20reusable%20packaging “… The company is accelerating its test-learn-scale approach with several reusable packaging pilots in North America, including a new partnership with r.Cup – which replaces single-use cups with its end-to-end reusable cup solutions to large-scale sports and entertainment venues, cinemas, festivals and events … Once binned and collected from each location, r.Cup collects, washes, sanitizes, inspects and repackages the cups to be used again … Additional reusable packaging pilots in North America include: partnering with Coca‑Cola Southwest Beverages on a returnable glass bottle pilot in El Paso, Texas; teaming up with Validfill to launch reusable cups with microchip technology and QR-enabled technology for Coca‑Cola Freestyle machines at theme parks, university campuses and cruise ships; collaborating with A&W Canada on an exchangeable cup program; and working with Reuse Seattle to encourage foodservice customers to transition to reusable fountain cups …” #SingleUsePlastic #ReusablePlasticFoodPackaging @rcupworld @CocaColaCo