Use of Plastic Waste in Infrastructure

According to a July 18, 2023 National Academies news release about a report issued that day EPA and DoT should “… explore new applications for plastics waste in infrastructure … Generally, plastic collection, recycling, and reuse is hindered by the large number of types and formulations of plastics; the high cost and complexity of collecting, sorting, and cleaning plastics waste; and other cost and technical challenges associated with processing plastics waste … demand for recycled plastics exceeds the supply of suitable material … One of the greatest opportunities for using recycled plastics in infrastructure … may be as a component material in pavements ... Other potential infrastructure uses of note are bike paths, composite utility poles, and highway sound barriers … Increasing the overall supply of high-quality recycled plastics that can be used in infrastructure and other applications is also important …” #PlasticWaste #Recycling #SingleUsePlastic #Infrastructure @theNASEM