Florida Enacts Anti-ESG Legislation

According to a May 2, 2023 Florida governor news release the governor that day signed House Bill 3 which “... serves as a blueprint for the nearly 20 states who’ve joined an alliance led by the Governor to push back against the proliferation of ESG …” – The legislation “… combats government and corporate sanctioned activism by: Codifying actions taken by the State Board of Administration … to ensure that all investment decisions must be driven solely by pecuniary factors and may not sacrifice investment returns to promote factors like ESG …; Prohibiting the use of ESG factors by state and local governments …; Prohibiting banks that engage in corporate activism from holding public deposits as a Qualified Public Depository (QPD); Prohibiting financial institutions from discriminating against customers … — including their support for securing the border, owning a firearm, and increasing our energy independence; Prohibiting the financial sector from considering so-called ‘Social Credit Scores’ in banking and lending practices …; and …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #ESG @GovRonDeSantis