Plastic Harms Addressed in Minderoo-Monaco Commission Report

On March 21, 2023, the Annals of Global Health, published a Special Collection, titled the “Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Plastics and Human Health and which addresses not only the benefits of plastics but “… that plastics are also responsible for significant harms to human health, the economy, and the earth’s environment … The extent of these harms [have] not been systematically assessed, their magnitude not fully quantified, and their economic costs not comprehensively counted … The goals of this Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Plastics and Human Health are to comprehensively examine plastics’ impacts across their life cycle on: (1) human health and well-being; (2) the global environment, especially the ocean; (3) the economy; and (4) vulnerable populations—the poor, minorities, and the world’s children. On the basis of this examination, the Commission offers science-based recommendations designed to support development of a Global Plastics Treaty, protect human health, and save lives …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @minder