DoE Issues “Strategy for Plastics Innovation

In January 2023, the Department of Energy published its “Strategy for Plastics Innovation” “... to accelerate innovations that will dramatically reduce plastic waste in oceans and landfills … designed to position the United States as a leader in science and technology innovations needed to develop and manufacture new plastic technologies by 2030 … Strategic Goals [include] … Create new chemical, thermal, and biological/hybrid pathways to deconstruct plastics efficiently into useful chemical intermediates … Advance the scientific and technological foundations that will underpin new technologies for upcycling chemical intermediates from plastic waste into high-value products … Design new and renewable plastics and bioplastics that have the properties of today’s plastics, are easily upcycled, and can be manufactured at scale domestically … Support an energy- and material-efficient domestic plastics supply chain by helping companies scale and deploy new technologies in domestic and global markets, while improving existing recycling technologies …”

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