Microplastics – Effects on Blue Crabs in the Mid-Atlantic Bight Estuaries Studied

A December 1, 2022, NOAA Office of Response and Restoration Marine Debris Program notice https://marinedebris.noaa.gov/research/risk-microplastics-exposure-blue-crab-larvae-delaware-bay-and-coastal-waters advises that “... Researchers from the University of Delaware are evaluating the effects microplastics have on blue crab larvae at different developmental stages and will test whether exposure during these stages impacts blue crab survival and settlement to Mid-Atlantic Bight estuariesData collected from the field, modeling exercises, and lab experiments will allow researchers to quantify risk of blue crab survival and movement into the Delaware Bay as a result of microplastic ingestion … Researchers are specifically interested in effects causing larvae death and growth or developmental delays due to microplastic ingestion … The risk assessment will result in a decision making tool for blue crab managers in the mid-Atlantic region …” #BlueCrab #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @NOAACleanCoasts