Recycling – Spain’s New Law Critiqued

A November 19, 2022, Deutsche Welle article offers comments on “Spain's new recycling rules” which “… Passed in April … will come into full effect in 2023 … A new tax is being imposed on single-use plastic containers, and another on waste sent to landfills or for incineration. The aim is to help Spain reduce the amount of refuse it generates to 15% of its 2010 level by 2030 … ‘The new waste law also bans the marketing of single-use plastic products, as well as cosmetic products and detergents containing microplastics, and limits the destruction or disposal of unsold nonperishable products, including textiles, toys or electrical appliances,’ …”, according to a sustainability expert – “… the new law stipulates that restaurants and supermarkets must reduce their waste to a minimum. Leftover food must either be donated or processed into animal feed …” #Recycling #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #FoodWaste