Microplastics – Presence in Fish Intestinal Tracts Studied

According to the abstract of a March 2023 Food Control article https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodcont.2022.109503 by researchers with the University of Ghana, Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, UK University of Exeter, UK University of York, and Scottish Environment Protection Agency who “… examined the gastro-intestinal tracts (guts) of 160 fish species obtained from Nigerian coastal waters for microplastics and estimated annual microplastic intake by adult human population in the region from the fish species … we argue based on literature that close to 15% (i.e., >100 μm) of the microplastics in the guts studied have the potential to translocate gut barriers of the fish species into muscles, where they get ingested by humans, and thereon get translocated to other human organ tissues … Estimated annual intakes were generally higher for fish species with broad habitat and feeding preferences …” #MicroPlastics #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @UnivofGh