5-Point Plan to Fix Recycling Announced by the Recycling Partnership

According to information on the November 7, 2022 home page of The Recycling Partnership https://recyclingpartnership.org/fixrecycling/ “… Recycling has the power to deliver a host of climate, economic, and waste management benefits, but today U.S. recycling is not performing at the scope and scale that it needs to achieve these benefits. Here are The Recycling Partnership’s 5 Ways to fix the U.S. recycling system: 1. Increase Access to Recycling Services … So that everyone can recycle … 2. Build Public Trust and Confidence … Clear up confusion and motivate participation …  3. Insist companies Focus on Packaging … Products and packaging need to be designed for recycling … 4. Improve, Advance, and Support Implementation of Recycling Policy at all Levels of Government … 5. Invest in the Future … We need to invest $17 billion. The result: a $30 billion return. An investment we can't afford not to make …” #Recycling #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePackaging @RECYPartnership