Recycling of Rigid Plastic Candy Containers Available in San Francisco Bay Area

An October 25, 2022, Olyns news release advises that the company is collaborating with “… Mars Wrigley to reward consumers for recycling rigid plastic candy containers [open tops with separate closures] … Beginning this week individuals in Northern California who deposit qualifying candy containers in an Olyns Reverse Vending Machine will have a chance to win thousands of dollars in rewards … The Sweet Rewards Challenge will run at select retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area for a limited time beginning October 25 … Olyns’ plug-and-play recycling Cubes feature a 65-inch HD video display … in addition to ads and sustainability messaging, the screen will display colorful slot machine images and ‘winner’ announcements every time a recycler wins a cash reward …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @OlynsCube @MarsGlobal