Microplastics – FAO Food Safety Review

An October 17, 2022, UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) news release https://www.fao.org/food-safety/news/news-details/en/c/1609239/ announces the availability of a report that “… outlines the existing literature on the occurrence of microplastics and their associated contaminants in foods. It also estimates the dietary exposure of consumers to these materials; highlights some knowledge gaps with respect to their relevance to public health; and offers some recommendations for future work on microplastic particles to support food safety governance … Micro- and nanoplastics have been detected in fishery products and other food commodities, raising concerns about their impact on human health … the reported levels of microplastics and their exposure levels are generally low but there are challenges to highlight, namely a lack of: data on exposure through certain food commodities; knowledge on the toxicity of micro- and nanoplastics; and standardized analytical methods to formulate definitive conclusions on the public health significance of the particles …” #MicroPlastics #SingleUsePlastic #FoodSafety @FAO