Mars, Inc. Announces Packaging Innovation for KIND® Bars   

An October 21, 2022 Mars news release advises that “... For the first time, packaging for KIND®  snack bars will incorporate recycled content made from advanced recycling … it contains less virgin plastic to previous products. The new material has been completely redesigned for maximum circularity and is produced through the recycling of used mixed plastic … the new packaging is eligible for drop-off recycling in the UK, and curbside recycling in Ireland.  This transition to packaging designed for maximum circularity is the latest innovation in Mars, Incorporated’s strategy to reimagine and redesign all packaging.  Mars is focused on reducing the use of new virgin plastic by 25%, incorporating 30% recycled content into plastic packaging, and redesigning more than 12,000 packaging components across a diverse portfolio to fit with the recycling infrastructure that either exists today or is likely to exist in the future …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @MarsGlobal