US Plastic and Recyclability Litigation Risks Discussed

An August 31, 2022 Baker McKenzie InsightPlus “Best preventative practices” article advises that “… With a growing trend toward taking more ESG measures, some companies are at risk of lawsuits from consumers involving plastic packaging. Here are some best practices boards should know about to mitigate the risk of litigation … corporate boards should take steps to reduce the risk of ESG litigation in connection with their companies’ plastic recyclability labeling and use of plastics within their supply chains … Review all corporate ESG statements at the board level … Stay updated on evolving legislation … citizen advocates and environmental groups have been filing lawsuits asserting novel theories against major companies that use or rely on plastic … recyclability and other plastics-related litigation is only going to continue to increase …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @bakermckenzie