PepsiCo Closes $1.25 Billion 10-Year Green Bond Fund

A July 20, 2022 PepsiCo news release reports on “… closing of a new $1.25 billion 10-year Green Bond. The Company will use an amount equivalent to the net proceeds … to fund Eligible Green Projects … [including] … Regenerative agriculture … farmer training, practices to reduce fertilizer and watershed enhancement and improvement projects … Decarbonization and climate resilienceCircular economy and virgin plastic waste reduction: … strive to use 50 percent recycled plastic content in its packaging by 2030 … the new Green Bond will enable PepsiCo to continue its work to increase the use of more sustainable product packaging including recycled, compostable and reusable materials … [and] enables the Company to direct funding to projects that strengthen recycling infrastructure and increase recycling rates in key markets … [Finally] Pursuing net positive water impact in owned operations and throughout PepsiCo’s value chain …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @PepsiCo