Plastic Waste – Plastic Makers Agree that “more must be done”

A June 7, 2022 American Chemistry Council (ACC) news release advises that a recent World Wildlife Fund (WWF) public opinion poll on plastics and policy guidance on a circular economy for packaging ”… reinforces the need for Congress, state and local governments, and the plastics value chain to do more to address waste and foster a circular economy. ACC agrees that more must be done so plastics remain in our economy and out of our environment, and we have a plan to help do so … Americans are skeptical of recycling and want businesses to take more action in reducing plastic waste. The 5 Actions address these valid concerns head on by requiring a 30% recycled plastic standard by 2030 for all U.S. plastic packaging, enabling the rapid scaling of advanced recycling while growing mechanical recycling, developing national recycling standards for plastics, and establishing a producer responsibility system to increase recycling access, collection and outreach for all materials …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @AmChemistry @World_Wildlife