Plastic Waste – OECD Calls for “Radical” Action

According to a June 3, 2022 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) news release “... The amount of plastic waste produced globally is on track to almost triple by 2060, with around half ending up in landfill and less than a fifth recycled … ‘Global Plastics Outlook: Policy Scenarios to 2060’ … without radical action to curb demand, increase product lifespans and improve waste management and recyclability, plastic pollution will rise in tandem with an almost threefold increase in plastics use driven by rising populations and incomes … almost two-thirds of plastic waste in 2060 will be from short-lived items such as packaging, low-cost products and textiles … Policies to reduce the environmental impacts of plastics … should include: Taxes on plastics, including on plastic packaging; Incentives to reuse and repair plastic items; Targets for recycled content in new plastic products; Extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes; Improved waste management infrastructure; [and] Increased litter collection rates …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePackaging #Recycling @OECD