Recycling – Use of Recycled Flexible Plastic in the Manufacture of Food Grade Packaging

An April 14, 2022 Sealed Air (SEE) news release reports that “… SEE, ExxonMobil, and Ahold Delhaize USA announced today their collaboration on an advanced recycling initiative … The project recycles flexible plastics from the food supply chain and remakes them into new, certified circular food-grade packaging. The initiative is expected to begin this summer and scale over time … A critical challenge facing the food industry is driving a circular economy for plastics using packaging materials that have strict hygiene and performance requirements for food protection and distribution. Recovering these essential packaging materials requires innovative recycling solutions beyond traditional mechanical recycling … The collaboration … will help increase the use of recycled content by validating the technical and economic viability of a certified circular system based on advanced recycling technology and mass balance attribution. Flexible plastics will be designed to be collected, recycled, and repurposed into new food packaging …” #Recycling @Sealed_Air