Single Use Plastic – “fully recyclable and compostable paper bottle” under development by Keurig Dr Pepper

A March 2022 post to the Keurig Dr Pepper [KDP] home page advises that the company has “… begun development on Keurig Dr Pepper’s first fully recyclable and compostable paper bottle. This innovation will support our commitment to reduce KDP’s use of virgin plastic by 20% by 2025 … KDP will leverage … technology that uses fiber and organic materials to create a 100% plastic-free bottle. The goal is that the entire package — including bottle, label, cap and closure — can be compostable or can be recycled alongside other paper products in curbside pickup in the majority of communities across the U.S. The prototype of the new bottle is expected later in 2022, with plans to test the innovation in select products across KDP’s beverage portfolio – from water to juices to carbonated beverages …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @KeurigPepper