Plastic Waste Recovered from the Open Environment for Recycling with Food Contact Intent – UK FSA Seeks “Evidence of Safety”

In a March 21, 2022 news release the UK Food Standards Agency [FSA] issued a call “… for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to submit evidence on the safety of plastics which are recovered from the open environment and recycled for use as food contact material. The call for evidence covers ‘ocean-bound’ plastics, as well as those sourced from the ocean or land. Plastic acquired from established municipal waste and recycling collection systems are considered to be out of scope … An initial evaluation on ocean-bound plastic … found that … it has not been possible to guarantee that the use of this material in food contact products is without risk – either in direct contact with food, or as a middle layer. Further evidence to inform a full comprehensive risk assessment is required …” – Responses are due to FSA by September 20, 2022 #Recycling #PlasticWaste #SigleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging @foodgov