Recycling – Keurig Settles Class Action Labeling Suit

A March 3, 2022 Covington “Inside Class Actions” article reports that “… Keurig has agreed to settle on a nationwide class basis a lawsuit alleging that the labeling of its K-Cup pods misleads consumers into believing that K-Cups are more widely recyclable than the coffee pods actually are … The proposed settlement includes a $10 million payment to consumers as well as changes to the product’s labeling. Keurig’s new labels will ‘clearly and prominently’ advise consumers to check their local recycling capabilities. This disclaimer, which will read ‘Check Locally — Not Recycled in Many Communities,’ will be in a substantially larger size than the current disclaimer on Keurig’s packaging, and similar warnings will be included on the Keurig website …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @Keurig @CovingtonLLP