Plastic Waste – Extended Producer Responsibility – Consumer Brands and Flexible Packagers Are Supporting Proposed Maryland Legislation

A February 22, 2022 Politico story reports that “... The Consumer Brands Association, Ameripen and the Flexible Packaging Association are supporting a Maryland proposal [SB 292] to tax bottles, food wrappers and other packaging and use the money to improve recycling infrastructure. The endorsement is the first concrete evidence that major brands are willing to help fund government programs to reduce plastic waste … the state would study how much funding is needed to upgrade local recycling systems and reduce waste. The study would help companies set fees as part of a larger plan to reduce their packaging use by 25 percent this decade. The proposal would be due by 2024 and would require approval from state regulators and an advisory council of packaging makers, trash haulers, environmental advocates and local officials …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @AMERIPEN @consumerbrands @FlexPackOrg