Single Use Plastic – Crisp and Chip Bag Use in the EU – PepsiCo Europe to Eliminate Virgin Fossil-Based Plastic by 2030

A January 25, 2022 PepsiCo Europe news release reports that by 2030 the company “… plans to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in all its crisp and chip bags. This ambition will … be delivered by using 100% recycled or renewable plastic in its packets … The recycled content in the packs will be derived from previously used plastic and the renewable content will come from by-products of plants such as used cooking oil or waste from paper pulp … PepsiCo uses flexible plastic for its snack packaging – the soft wrapping used to make its crisp and chip bags because it is lightweight compared to alternative packaging and therefore has a low carbon footprint. It is also highly effective at keeping food fresh thereby reducing food waste …” @PepsiCo #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging #Recycling