Plastic Waste – Global Treaty Sought by Businesses

A January 17, 2022 “Manifesto” was issued by plastic producers and users which “… recognize that we have a role in the global effort aimed at stopping plastic pollution and are committed to tackling this issue … A coordinated international response is needed, one that aligns businesses and governments behind a shared understanding of the causes of plastic pollution, and a clear approach to addressing them. We believe that by harmonizing regulatory standards, mandating the development of national targets and action plans, defining common metrics and methodologies, and supporting innovation and infrastructure development, a UN treaty on plastic pollution can help drive the transition to a circular economy for plastic—at speed and scale … we must work together to solve this problem. Therefore, we urge the member states of the United Nations to urgently commence negotiations on a treaty on plastic pollution …” – The “… latest Pre-UNEA statement from businesses calling for a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution …” is here: #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #MicroPlastics @WWF