Microplastics – Analytical Methods and Dietary Exposure to be Addressed by an ILSI Europe Expert Panel

An expert panel of the International Life Sciences Institute Europe https://ilsi.eu/scientific-activities/food-safety/ilsi-europe-initiative-on-microplastics-new/ is working “… to consolidate the current state of the art in dietary microplastics analysis. It will provide suggestions to further develop the methods towards a harmonised analytical methodology. The aim is to also address relevant health concerns associated with the effects of dietary microplastics on consumer health … the panel will: Support the harmonisation of approaches and methods to assess microplastics in food through research and validation recommendations; Review existing data (incl. data transfer and interpretation of other particle research fields) to support the health risk assessment of microplastic particles; [and] Support standardizing organisations in approaches to stimulate comparative research on microplastics …” #MicroPlastics #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticWaste @ILSI_Europe