Recycling – “The Past, Present and Future of Recycled Content and Recyclability Claims” Summarized

A December 29, 2021 Keller and Heckman “Publication reports that “... One critical issue we are increasingly challenged to address are the myriad waste streams being generated by the production and consumption of our technological word … it is … important for stakeholders and policymakers alike to precisely define their goals and consider the role and importance of the materials and products they are proposing to regulate. Without such an assessment it is difficult to see how regulators can craft policy responses that best advance the goals of reducing waste, increasing recycling, and maintaining robust choice of materials and products designed to enhance our daily lives. While it is important for businesses to participate in that process, it is equally important for them to pay special attention to their recycled content and recyclability claims so that consumers get the information they need through robust claims that are fully supported by available data …” #Recycling #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging @KellerandHeck