Plastic Waste – Recycling – Extended Producer Responsibility Rules Adopted by Ontario, Canada

A December 14, 2021 Sotos LLP blog reports that “… Ontario is fundamentally restructuring its recycling system… The guiding principle behind this initiative is that the parties responsible for deciding on packaging should be the ones responsible for the cost of recycling it … By December 2025, Producers will be fully responsible for providing blue box services across Ontario … they may partner with Producer Responsibility Organizations (“PROs”) to take on the … administration of the program… (T)he hierarchy for determining who bares the responsibility as Producer is … Firstly, the Canadian resident brand holder of a product (such as a person/company who owns or licenses a brand or who has rights to market a product under the brand) … Secondly, any resident of Ontario who imported the product into Ontario … Thirdly … the retailer that sold the product to the consumer …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling @sotosllp #EPR