Plastic Waste – Agricultural Uses with “High Potential to Cause Harm to Human and Ecosystem Health” Assessed by UN FAO

The abstract of a December 7, 2021 UN Food and Agriculture Organization report “... presents the results of a study on agricultural plastic products used globally ... The study assessed the types and quantities of plastic products, their benefits and trade-offs. Sustainable alternative products or practices were identified for products assessed as having high potential to cause harm to human and ecosystem health or having poor end-of-life management ... The authors hope that the study will provide an impetus for discussion about the use of agricultural plastics, their benefits and trade-offs, and ultimately stimulate action to reduce their potential for harm to human health and the environment … Of increasing concern are microplastics, which have the potential of adversely affecting human health. While there are gaps in the data, they shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to act …” #PlasticWaste #MicroPlastics #SingleUsePlastic @FAO