Recycling – Israel – Supermarkets ill-prepared for expanded bottle deposit law

A November 25, 2021, Times of Israel story reports that “… on December 1, an expanded bottle deposit law will come into effect … a refundable sum — currently NIS 30 agorot ($0.09) — has been added to the cost of all cans of drinks, and glass and plastic bottles … ‘We are not at all prepared,’ Rami Levy of the Rami Levy supermarket empire told The Times of Israel on Wednesday ... There are no machines in Rami Levy branches at present …  consumers will be able to return up to 50 beverage containers at a time to any store measuring more than 28 square meters (300 square feet) and to get a cash refund, or, if the customer chooses, a voucher. Smaller stores will have to return the money on bottles bought on their premises. Where there are no machines yet, customers will need to return their bottles and cans to customer service counters or whatever the specific chain advises … The Environmental Protection Ministry is in the process of establishing a Deposit Law Hotline to which the public will be able to report any refusals to refund deposits …” #Recycling #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @Israelgov