Microplastics – Freshwater Effects to be Studied

A November 3, 2021 Pennsylvania University of Scranton news release https://news.scranton.edu/articles/2021/11/news-faculty-nsf-crable.shtml reports that a university assistant professor has been “… awarded a $198,265 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for a two-year study of the impact of plastic debris on the physiology of freshwater microorganisms in Lake Lacawac … the research project will involve and train approximately eight undergraduate students in field, laboratory and computer simulated investigations … In the first year, we will look at microbial communities which colonize plastics versus natural debris such as leaf litter.  In the second year of the study, we will analyze the impacts of different types of plastics on microbial communities … [The professor will] develop an advanced undergraduate curriculum on microplastics, which will be integrated into … [a university] Environmental Microbiology course …” #MicroPlastics #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastics @univofscranton