Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Legislation Update

On February 1, 2021, the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators announced  that “… legislators from nine states announced a coordinated effort to hold producers responsible for the end-of-life management of plastic packaging. States included California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Each of these legislators is introducing extended producer responsibility (EPR) bills or introducing legislation as part of a long term plan … Extended producer responsibility is a strategy to incorporate all of the environmental costs associated with a product throughout the product’s life cycle … Packaging products, like those used for food and beverage packaging, often contain hazardous substances that are harmful to human health. Including recycled content provisions in EPR packaging policies can force manufacturers to eliminate harmful substances in packaging products …” – The web link to the announcement is included in the post on the home page of Plastic Food Packaging Waste News at https://pfpw.news/2021/02/19/extended-producer-responsibility-epr-legislation-update/ #PlasticWaste #FoodPackaging #SingleUsePlastic