Microplastics – Accumulation in Marine Life and Marine Mammals Studied

According to a February 1, 2021 University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries announcement “… microplastics (pieces of plastic less than five millimeters) accumulate in marine biota, but do not appear to magnify as they travel through marine food webs from zooplankton into fish, and ultimately marine mammals … damage includes things like blocking the digestive tracts of fish and leaching toxic chemicals contained within the plastics into the tissues of marine life … models revealed that microplastics biomagnified scarcely in the two whale species examined. However … the model needs to be applied to more food webs. Moreover, the models indicated that microplastics do bioaccumulate, especially in smaller species of zooplankton and fish, and thus pose a threat to marine life …” - The web link to the announcement is included in the post on the home page of Plastic Food Packaging Waste News at https://pfpw.news/2021/02/10/microplastics-accumulation-in-marine-life-and-marine-mammals-studied/ #Microplastics #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic