Tetra Pak Whitepaper Addresses Sustainable Food Packaging

On January 25, 2021, Tetra Pak distributed a “whitepaper” which presents its vision of “… what future packaging elements are needed to lead the sustainability transformation …” – The five elements are: “… Rethinking food packaging … Replacing fossil-based plastic and aluminium … with responsibly sourced, plant-based renewable materials … Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using renewable energy and renewable materials to produce food packaging while focusing on more efficient packaging distribution … Securing enough safe food … Using advanced food processing technologies and protective right-sized packaging solutions … Pushing the limits of recycling with systems thinking. We need to enhance recycling by design, focusing on both improving recyclability of the package and building integrated systems to support collection, sorting and recycling … [and] Reducing end-of-life impact on nature. By using paper-based packaging, reducing the amount of used plastic and increasing the share of renewable materials …” – The web link to the white paper is included in the post at https://pfpw.news/2021/01/26/tetra-pak-whitepaper-addresses-sustainable-food-packaging/ #PlasticWaste #Recycling #TetraPak #FoodPackaging