Microplastics – Concentration in Razor Clams Studied

According to a November 30, 2020 Science Daily story, researchers with Portland State University, Quinault Indian Nation and Oregon State University, microplastic “… particles enter the environment and pervade freshwater and marine environments, soils and even the air we breathe … [The researchers] analyzed the concentrations of microplastics in razor clams collected from eight beaches along the Washington coast and, after surveying recreational clam harvesters, estimated the annual microplastic exposure of those who eat them … in thoroughly cleaned clams, the amount of microplastics was reduced by half … We don’t know the exact human health impacts of microplastics …” - The web link to the story is included in the post on the home page of Plastic Food Packaging Waste News at https://pfpw.news/2020/12/03/microplastics-concentration-in-razor-clams-studied/ #Microplastics #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticWaste