Single Use Plastic Bags – Growing Global Restrictions

According to an October 19, 2020 report by the law firm Arent Fox  “... 127 countries have passed regulations on single-use plastic bags … [which vary] from country to country … The growing trend toward limiting or banning single-use plastic bags in retail sales is clear. Countries are increasingly seeing the damaging effects of plastic waste and recognizing the benefits of environmentally friendly alternatives. Retailers, particularly global retailers, should proactively prepare for these types of regulations by rolling out updated policies, purchasing and providing customers with appropriate bags, and training their employees on the applicable laws …” - The report notes that in the United States, several cities and states have restricted the ability of retail stores to provide single-use plastic bags – The report describes the US restrictions and addresses those of the European Commission, several European countries, Latin America, Africa, Asia, England, Australia and New Zealand - The web link to the report is included in the post on the home page of Plastic Food Packaging Waste News at