Antimicrobial Food Packaging is on the Rise

An article in the October Issue of Food Technology Magazine by Claire Sand of Packaging Technology and Research advises that “… Antimicrobial packaging can be used to control microbial growth in packaged food, and … interest in its use is growing. Antimicrobial packaging is the deliberate incorporation of antimicrobial substances in packaging for release from the package into the environment surrounding the packaged food … Antimicrobial packaging is within the broad category of active packaging and is often combined with other active packaging technologies for a synergistic effect … Antimicrobial packaging uses include those in minimally processed deli meat and seafood, fresh and slack (frozen then thawed) fruits and vegetables, cheese, and baked goods. Antimicrobials are predominantly incorporated into plastic used as the direct food contact layer within plastic-, paperboard-,metal-, glass-, and multicomponent-based containers …” – #PlasticWaste #FoodPackaging #SingleUsePlastic