Empirical Based Science = Rigorous Methodologies with Peer-Reviewed Results

On September 21, 2020, the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) released a report, titled “The Importance of Communicating Empirically Based Science for Societyhttps://www.cast-science.org/cast-releases-new-commentary-on-the-importance-of-communicating-empirically-based-science-for-society/ which “… discusses the crucial factors of what we define as empirically based science (rigorous, proven methodologies, and peer-reviewed results), emphasizing that whether science is conducted by a private company, a university, or a government department or agency, it is all the same, requiring that sound methodologies be followed ... The application of empirical science is consistent, whether applied to climate change, vaccines, or GM crops and foods. Scientists have an important responsibility to design and execute experiments that are unbiased and directly answer a specific question … This Commentary briefly discusses the four main approaches to open access publishing: gold open access, green open access, hybrid models, and traditional closed models …” #CAST #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic