Microplastics – National Geographic Summary

According to an August 7, 2020 National Geographic article https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/08/microplastics-in-virtually-every-crevice-on-earth/ “… A collection of new research provides more clues about where and how microplastics are spreading … While most of the early research focused on the larger plastics … less visible and more pervasive plastic bits have spread into virtually every crevice on Earth ... they are part of the dust that blows around the planet, high in the atmosphere … Scientists are still sorting out the central question underlying the research: what harm does ingesting microplastics cause to human health? ... So far, no harm has been demonstrated. But for fish and other marine and freshwater wildlife, studies find that microplastics disrupt reproductive systems, stunt growth, diminish appetite, cause tissue inflammation and liver damage, and alter feeding behavior … Plastic fragments alter the structure and chemistry of the soil …” #Microplastics #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticPackaging